September 3, 2015

Web Application Developer(Part-time or Full-time) Job Vacancy @ Innoseva

Company/Organization: Innoseva

Job Title: Web Application Developer(Part-time or Full-time)
- Excellent programming skills in one or more of the high level programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, PHP, etc.
- Good understanding of how a web application works.
- Good understanding of HTML/CSS/JS
- Education: 10+2 and above, preferably B.E. For part-time work, engineering students who can work more than 16 hrs a week are welcome.

Deadline to apply: N/A

Salary and Benefits:
Part-time: upto Rs. 100/hr depending on skills
Full-time: upto Rs. 40,000/month depending on skills

Contact: with your resume to apply.
Published on: 17 Bhadra, 2072(Kantipur Daily)