Have problem remembering the important dates? Here's the list.

Examination ProgramsStarts
Various Engineer and Sub-Engineer Jobs(32 nos.) Vacancy @ Nepal AirlinesApril 23 | Baisakh 10
Various Faculty Positions(10 nos.) Vacancy @ Madhyapaschimanchal University(MWU)May 6 | Baisakh 23
Various Engineer and Sub-Engineer Jobs(86 nos.) Vacancy @ Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN)May 8 | Baisakh 25
Engineer and Sub-Engineer Jobs Vacancy @ Nepal TelevisionMay 11 | Baisakh 28
Engineer and Sub-Engineer Jobs(6 nos.) Vacancy @ Dairy Development Corporation(DDC)May 17 | Jestha 3

Deadline to Apply: N/APublished

2018 April
April 27 | Baisakh 14
Application Deadline for IT Officer Job Opening @ Srijana Community Development Center
Application Deadline for Engineering Jobs Opening @ Build Change
Application Deadline for Few Faculty Positions Vacancy @ Sagarmatha College of Science and Technology
April 28 | Baisakh 15
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Structural Engineer and AutoCAD Operator Positions(4 nos.) Vacancy @ Fusion Engineering Services
April 29 | Baisakh 16
Application Deadline for Quality Control Consultant Position Job Opening @ Room to Read(RtR) Nepal
April 30 | Baisakh 17
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Quality Engineer Position Vacancy @ EXIM International Engineering & Construction
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Sub-Engineer Positions(3 nos.) Vacancy @ EXIM International Engineering & Construction
Application Deadline for Electronics and Communication/Biomedical Engineer Positions Vacancy @ East West Concern
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Few Engineer and Sub-Engineer Jobs Vacancy @ ED Consult
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Civil Engineer Job Opening @ Jambudip Construction
2018 May
May 1 | Baisakh 18
Application Deadline for Civil Sub-Engineer Position Opening @ Eastern Regional Eye Care Programme, SCEH
Application Deadline for District Coordinator Positions(5 nos.) Vacancy @ United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) Nepal
May 3 | Baisakh 20
Application Deadline[With Double Charge] for Various Faculty Positions(5 nos.) Vacancy @ Purbanchal University
[EXCLUSIVE] Application Deadline for Civil Engineer Jobs Vacancy @ KSM Services
May 4 | Baisakh 21
Application Deadline for Sub-Engineer Job Opening @ Raskot Municipal Office
May 5 | Baisakh 22
Application Deadline for Civil Engineer/Sr. Sub-Engineer Job Opening @ Jaljala Construction Company
May 7 | Baisakh 24
Application Deadline for Sr. Engineering Manager Position Vacancy @ Verscend
Application Deadline for Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Jobs(5 nos.) Vacancy @ Nepal Hydro & Electric Limited(NHE)
May 15 | Jestha 1
Application Deadline for Gaunpalika Engineer Positions(10 nos.) Vacancy @ GEOCE Consultants
May 27 | Jestha 13
Application Deadline for Various Grants and Fellowships from Nepal Academy of Science and Technology(NAST)
2018 June