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Engineerको घर logoEngineerको घर(engineerkoghar) is an effort to facilitate the students of engineering in Nepal. Presenting simplified 'Engineering Job Search' as the foundation brick to Engineerको घर at present, we aim to provide more services in the future. We hope all the students of engineering from Nepal will love Engineerको घर. We hope you will be benefited by using Engineerको घर.
At present, though primary focus seems to be on the simplified job search for engineers, we also provide information about engineering field related different notices and different engineering events happening within the country. In the future, we aim to make Engineerको घर a meeting point for all the students of engineering within Nepal.


Launched on: March 28, 2013


28 March, 2013 - 28 February, 2015: Mr. Founder & engineerkoghar Team
01 March, 2015 - 11 June, 2018: The Lazy Gang

Goodbye on: June 11, 2018


Who can get benefits from Engineerको घर?

Engineerको घर is beneficial for those friends who have passed Diploma level or higher in the field of engineering and are in search for job and engineering-related information inside Nepal. Although they are our target group, anyone with interest in the engineering field can enjoy our posts.


Why Engineerको घर?

  • Daily updates on different engineering job vacancies available within Nepal.
  • Different syllabuses available for download for different competitive examinations within Nepal.
  • Information about different types of engineering related notices.
  • Information about different events happening within the country.


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After completing Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, we were in a hunt for the engineering job suitable for us. When surfing through internet, we could find many different job sites. But, we couldn't find a single job site where we would find all the engineering vacancies within Nepal. So, the concept of a job site, specific to engineering, developed inside us. At the very instant, we turned on a computer, created a Blogger account and started blogging with the vacancies published in the newspapers of that day. Regarding name, various names came up. We thought that 'Engineerको घर' would be much unique, catchy and interesting.