July 4, 2015

Electrical/Electronics/Energy Engineer Job Vacancy @ Renewable Energy Test Station(RETS)

Company/Organization: Renewable Energy Test Station(RETS)

Job Title: Technical Manager
Minimum Qualification and Experience: (Bachelor Degree in Electrical and/or Electronics + 5 years of working experience) OR (Bachelor Degree in Electrical and/or Electronics + ME/MSC(Renewable Energy) + 3 years of working experience)
Job type and period: Contractual appointment for one year with possible extension and with a probationary period of three months
Salary and Benefits: Candidates are required to mention their expected yearly gross remuneration and benefit packages

Deadline to apply: 18 July 2015

Apply with: Proper documents to verify the qualifications and experiences, updated CV, two references at least one from previous or present employer, two passport size photograph, photocopies of relevant academic documents(SLC onwards), employment records, training certificates, citizenship certificate, as well as contact telephone/fax/e-mail address

Apply to:  
The General Manager,
Renewable Energy Test Station(RETS),
NAST Compound, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal,
G.P.O. Box 21971, Kathmandu, Nepal

Note: Please visit www.retsnepal.org for JD of the position.
Published on: 19 Asar, 2072(Kantipur Daily)